Hans mit Töchtern Sophie und Melanie

After their father, Hans Lenes, died in December 2014, Sophie Adensamer and Melanie Lenes decided to manage their father’s heritage. They archive the artwork professionally, with the focus on showing his artistic concerns and the progress of his work. The ambition is to make the works of Hans Lenes part of a canon and participating in the art market. They built a storage and a room for presentation, that is open to all interested persons. 

Sophie Adensamer (born 1986 in Vienna) studied Art History at the University of Vienna and worked in different jobs for artists, museums and galleries.
2014 she graduated with the theses Graphische und malerische Metarmorphosen im Werk von Hans Lenes, which is the first academic approach to Hans Lenes’ work. Download of the work
2014 she joined several seminars for art and cultural management at Kulturkonzepte in Vienna.
“The artworks have so much charisma – there is so much to explore.”

Melanie Lenes (born in 1971 in Vienna) is mother of two daughters (Matilda born 1999 and Theresa born 2003). At first she worked in fashion, now she finds her passion in working with children. Her particular interest lies in attentive care, creative play and the education of Montessori. She works at a Kindergarden.
“To me is important, that my farther’s work will get the attention, that it’s worth.”